Odour removal

Have you ever been given a lift by a friend or work college and wished you had not accepted it due to the fact that their car smells awful? This is a common problem, mainly consigned to smokers and dog owners' cars.  I have carried numerous odour removal details, as there are a lot of car dealers who will mask the smell with powerful air fresheners, and when they cease to work the horrible smell reappears.

  • Head lining is steam cleaned followed by a light shampooing
  • Air vents, speakers and seat belt retract points are steam cleaned
  • Carpet, matts, seats, glove locker and center console vacuumed followed by them been shampooed
  • Leather seats are given a deep clean with a specialist leather cleaner
  • dash board and hard surfaces cleaned with a specialist cleaner that dissolves nicotine
  • Interior windows cleaned followed by the ozone generator been placed in the car to kill all airborne bacteria



Cigarette burn & Leather smart repairs.

Cigarette burn smart  repairs

Cigarette burns in your fabric don't just look awful, they can devalue your car, as the tyre kickers will claim they need the seat to be reupholstered or even replaced. That could be a large amount of money that you can lose! Cigarette burns smart repairs is the first smart repair that I offered and I have carried out a lot of them.

Prices start from £40

Leather smart repairs

Colour on leather interiors are commonly worn away on the bolsters. This is caused by people getting in and out of the seat whilst using the bolsters for support. The main problem is in the way leather is coloured, the traditional way this was done was for the leather to be dipped in the pigment at the tanneries, which gave  the leather a far better colour coverage as it soaked the colour in. Today the pigment is applied by spraying the leather which provides a more superficial coverage and is why the bolsters lose colour much quicker than it would on a classic such as a MK2 Jaguar.

Price from £60



Headlamp restoration

Did you know that a faded headlamp is an MOT failure? It can also be an expensive job to replace them. Rather than spend a lot of money replacing your headlamps, I can restore them, which not only saves you money but it also helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Price from £40 per headlamp

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