These are some of the questions I get asked by customers.

Q, Are you insured to work on my  vehicle?

A, Yes I carry full public liability insurance (slip and trip as well as vehicles worked up on).


Q, There are  light circular scratches in my paint work, what are they and can you make  my paint work look like new again?

A, These circular scratches are called swirl marks and are caused by incorrect washing techniques. The most common offenders are automated car washes and the local hand sponge wash. I can make  your paint work look like new again by either an enhancement detail or by a paint correction detail.


Q, I have had my car buffed by the car dealer before I took delivery and there are marks all over that look like holograms  where the buffer has been, it is most noticeable in direct sunlight. Can you correct this?

A, Not a problem. I can do this with a gloss enhancement detail. The holograms will have been caused by by either a dirty polishing pad or by the machine polisher being used at too high a speed, which has got the paint work to hot.


Q, I have  purchased a vehicle and there is a tobacco/pet odour inside, I did not notice this at first as there was a powerful air freshener in the car, can you remove the odour?

A, Yes I can remove the odour, but to do this I have to do a deep clean and shampooing (carpets, matts, seats and head lining) then I add my ozone generator in the vehicle which kills all airborne bacteria.


Q, What protection do you apply on my vehicles paint work?

A, My standard wax protects for 6+ months. I also offer Swissvax shield which is a PTFE based wax. I also offer Ceramic coatings.


Q, What is the difference between sealants and wax?

A, Most waxes  are based on carnauba which is a natural product, Carnauba in its natural state  is as hard as concrete and this is the reason why the highest carnauba content is 30%. Sealants are a synthetic man made product that has been designed t protect similar to Teflon in a frying pan. these can last 6 months.


Q, can  you apply ceramic coatings? 

Y, Yes I can apply ceramic coatings but there is a lot of untruths told about ceramic coatings and I want to make sure you know what you will get. These untruths are as follows, your paint work will never get scratched! The truth is it will help it from getting scratched but if some idiot wants to key your car, it wont stop them, neither will it stop bush rash or scratches from branches on tight country lanes. The rain will wash your car! This is total and utter rubbish that I have heard so many times and is laughable. Ceramic coatings will stop damage from bird poo! Once again total rubbish as bird poo is acidic so it will burn through the ceramic coating if the bird poo is big enough and has enough acid in it.

Here is the truth about ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings are best classed as a high strength clear coat that will protect your paint work, but is not a magic shield that will stop it from been scratched. It won't stop bird poo damage and the rain definitely won't wash your car for you, but it will help against industrail fallout  and will make your paintwork hydrophobic.


Q, My car's soft top is looking tired and dirty can you clean it?

A, I offer a soft top cleaning service that includes your soft top being re-sealed to protect it.


Q, My engine bay is dirty and I would like it cleaning, can you do this and how do you do it?

A, I offer under bonnet detailing that is a specialist detailing service. I do not use my pressure washer in the engine bay as this is the incorrect way of cleaning an engine bay and can cause a lot of damage. If any water gets in to the electrics ECU etc, then the car might never start again. I clean engine bays by hand like mechanics used to, I finally add a dressing.


Q, What is the difference between you and my local hand sponge wash?

A, There are a number of differences, firstly hand car washes use acidic based products that can strip wax from cars' paint work. Hand car washes rely on bulk turn over work where as I don't put a time limit on any work I do. The biggest difference is that hand car washes use sponges and chamois leathers that create swirl marks in the paint work due to  the fact that they collect grit and scratch the paint work. Hand car washes do not change their wash water ( would you use the same bath water all week?) that's what they are doing taking dirt from car to  car. The worst thing they do is use aqua blades (squeegees) these can cause a lot of scratches in your paint work.


Q, Are you an approved detailer for any detailing manufacturers?

A, I used to be  an approved detailer but I found that some of the products did not give as good a result as I wanted, so the result was I was not totally happy with the detail. I am now an independent detailer so I can choose whichever product I want on a detail, so the end result is perfection.


Q, Do you offer a free quotation?

A, I come to you to view the vehicle and listen to your requirements. I can also offer advise on how to get your vehicle looking its best. The quotation is free of charge and it usually results in a bespoke detail for the customers car.


Q, When can you detail my car ?

A, Let my check my diary.


















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